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Dealing with all of our 'trimmings'.

4th March 2018 @ 6:06am – by Charles Bradley
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Getting rid of 'green' waste would be a real problem for us all, were it not for the green wheelie-bin that CWaC provides for each household. The woodland, too, produces green waste – but, of course, there aren't any wheelie bins which we can use! It's true that, when the woodland trees are trimmed, the larger branches can be sawn up and the wood thereafter used for firewood.
The smaller bits, though, can be an embarrassment – while they will rot down and their nutrients eventually recycled, it will happen very slowly and therefore there will perhaps be unsightly piles of twigs everywhere. The ideal answer would be to use a chipper and shredder, as you might in your garden, but for us the cost of hiring a suitably-sized one has meant that we have been able to do so only occasionally.

wood chipper shredder 115 manual startl

Enter the heroes of the piece, our Borough Councillors, John Leather and Hugo Deynem. From the fund that CWaC provide annually to enable each of the Councillors to support and sponsor organisations, projects or causes within their area, they agreed that a grant could be made to the Trust for us to purchase a 13HP petrol-driven chipper and shredder, in order that we might dispose of the brash more effectively.
The machine was delivered in mid-February and, thereafter, the work of disposing of the piles of small branches and twigs could begin. In the woodland, chippings have lots of uses, from plant mulches and in-fill for soggy holes to providing a means of surfacing and way-marking the smaller woodland paths. The untidy heaps of rotting vegetation are being turned into a really valuable material and the time that has to be spent in dealing with the problem is being greatly reduced. And because the chipper now lives in the village, any other organisation having large amounts of woody material that has to be dealt with is welcome to approach the Woodland Trustees for mechanised assistance

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