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Hi, with Easter nearly here I have a few things that are great to do as a gift.

As much as we all love chocolate it's nice to spice things up a bit with some alternatives. I made an Easter cake, which is a lot like a normal cake but with 'Easter' written on the top. This is a great gift for someone who doesn't like chocolate or as a treat for you and the rest of your family.

The second thing to do is send someone a special homemade Easter card. Its really easy, just fold up a piece of paper or card and decorate. This is one I made. It's a really nice thing to send to someone as well as an egg as it makes it a bit more personal.

At Easter time there are a lot of new baby animals that are really cute, I'm not suggesting that you should buy your family a lamb although that would be lovely. But it's a great time to visit some at a local farm or petting place or even just go for a local walk. There's loads of lambs in the fields. Make sure you keep your dog on the lead though.

Toodle Pip. Hope you all have a great Easter. Roselle

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