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Food Waste Recycling in Cheshire West

4th October 2016 @ 6:06am – by James Thompson, Recycling Engagement Co-ordinator Kier Environmental Services Ltd.
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Cheshire West and Chester Council are working in partnership with Kier and The Waste and Resources Action Programme, WRAP, to encourage people to recycle their food waste. We throw away over 20,000 tonnes of food waste every year in Cheshire West and Cheshire! So recycling food waste is a priority for us.

We provide a weekly collection for food waste along with your other recycling. Simply put all your food waste including plate scrapings, tea bags, peelings, bread and gone off food into your brown food recycling bin. You can use any type of plastic bag to contain the food waste e.g. supermarket carrier bags, pedal bin liners, nappy bags or the bags your fruit and veg comes in. All the food waste we collect gets recycled into energy to power our homes and fertiliser to help our farmers grow more crops.

If food gets disposed of in the black bins it can increase greenhouse gas pollution which is its bad for the environment and costs the Council millions of pounds a year -- money which would be better spent on local services. So it's cleaner, greener and more efficient for everyone if we all recycle our food waste every week.

Did you know – for every six tea bags you recycle we can generate enough green energy to boil a kettle! You can
order a free kitchen caddy or brown food recycling bin by visiting our website www.cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk

Ed: While accepting that we can always do better, I am surprised that this appeal from Kier makes no mention of the article we published on 19th September highlighting that CW&C was best in recycling league for third year running. Requests to Kier for clarification have so far gone unanswered.

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