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Frustration with B.T. Phone Book

31st August 2016 @ 6:06am – by Margaret Dixon
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Frustration with B.T.

Ed: "Here is a story probably familiar to many!"

We have remained in the Phone Book so that people can find our number if they wish. As 2 of us live in our household we have been listed as R & M Dixon for the past 26/27 years. Simple and straightforward.
On receiving the new Phone Book recently I checked the entry and was surprised to find it had changed to Mrs E Dixon!

I decided to ring B.T.(perhaps a stupid idea) to ask why it had changed -- I never did get the answer!

The lady on the phone informed me that our former B.T. account was in that name. I told her that I didn't want a title, only initials. She disappeared for a spell and on her return said that was all sorted so I asked what it would state in the next Phone Book.------"Miss E. Dixon" was her reply!

I explained again that I only wanted initials. Away she went again and returned to tell me I had to have a title so the entry would say Lady E. Dixon.

Was I going mad? I pointed out that of the 24 Dixon entries only 2 (1 of them me) had a title. Off she went again and came back to tell me only an initial would be entered.

So now my husband has disappeared and I am listed under the initial that I do not use. I await with interest what it will actually say in the next Phone Book!!

Whilst all this nonsense was taking place there was probably someone with an urgent phone problem waiting in a queue for attention and I never did get an answer to my Question.

Ed:"Margaret what do we call you now? Mrs E or Lady E?!!"

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