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The Electoral Register and Individual Electoral Registration (IER)

The way people register to vote changed last year from household registration, where one member of the household could provide the details of everyone living at an address following which they would then be automatically registered to vote, to individual registration. In order to register individually a potential elector has to provide personal details (NI number and date of birth) which are then verified against the Department of Work and Pensions' database.

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Although new electors now have to register individually the council still has to carry out an annual household canvass. Every property will be canvassed to confirm information we already hold and to obtain information relating to new electors and inviting them to make an application to go on the electoral register.

Cheshire West and Chester Council Electoral Register Canvass 2015
The 2015 canvass will be typical of a canvass under IER. Household enquiry forms (HEFs) will be sent to all households in the borough and an invitation to register (ITR) will then be sent to those who have provided further information on a HEF. Reminder HEF's and ITR's will be sent to any non-responders.

Our canvass period will run from August 2015 until 30 November 2015, the revised register will be published on 1 December 2015. The last date for receipt of new applications to register is 20 November 2015.

NOTE: a HEF cannot be used to register electors; it is a mechanism to collect information about who is resident and eligible to register at a particular address. The information provided will act as a prompt for further action based on the response received. Where the name of an existing elector is crossed off a HEF, this will act as a prompt to check that person's entitlement to remain registered.
The Electoral Registration Officer is legally required to follow up any HEF non-responses, including issuing two reminders and arranging for a personal visit to be made. Any potential new electors identified will also need to be sent an ITR, and non-responses followed up by issuing two reminders and a personal visit.

More information is available to download here

Ed:"Although this may appear complicated it is essential that all members of your household, who are eligible to vote, ensure their details are included on the HEF. You should have received your form by now make sure it is returned in the pre-paid envelope or you register online."