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  • In the early hours of last Monday, a resident in Cuddington disturbed a male at 04.00 in the morning trying the car door handles of two vehicles parked up the drive. This clearly illustrates that opportunistic thieves are out and about. It is essential that you always lock your vehicle, wherever it is parked, and never leave valuables on display.
  • On Monday, an off road motorcycle was reported as having been stolen from an outbuilding in a field near Edge, Malpas. It was found abandoned nearby later the same day.
  • On Thursday a pressure washer was stolen from an outbuilding at an address near Tilston. A Gold Isuzu 4x4 was seen leaving the area. I make no apologies for again repeating that isolated outbuildings are currently being targeted by thieves. If you own such a building, you must ensure that it is secured by strong locks. Consideration should also be given to battery powered shed alarms and security lighting.
  • On Thursday, offenders smashed the window of a house in Elton in order to take the vehicle keys which were left on display. They then stole the vehicle off the driveway by using the keys. The registration plates were also stolen of another vehicle nearby, presumably to be used on the stolen car. If your registration plates are ever stolen, please notify the police straight away, and as I have stated previously, always put your vehicle keys out of sight where they are unlikely to be found by intruders.
  • There has been some unwelcome activity in Tarvin this week. Some property was stolen and damaged on the Wimpy building site on Monday night. Items were stolen from a rear garden during Tuesday afternoon. On Wednesday, prowlers were disturbed trying the rear door during the afternoon of an address in The Ridgeway. Please take extra security precautions at this time and report any suspicious activity straight away to the police.
  • Christleton Sports and Social club has again had damage caused to equipment there. This is becoming a regular occurrence. Please challenge your youngsters who may frequent the adjacent park to ensure that they are not involved and encourage them to report anyone who they see committing damage.
  • There have been some needless thefts this week. Unlocked cycles have been stolen from Christleton and Frodsham. A Sat-Nav was stolen from an unlocked car in Farndon overnight. Leaving things unsecured in this way only serves to encourage opportunistic thieves to go out looking!
  • In Tattenhall and Elton, sheds and garages have been attacked with the use of Bolt croppers. Strong hasps and padlocks are usually sufficient to defeat attacks by this method, providing that the hasp is attached securely (Not just with the small 1" screws that come provided — consider using bolts which go through a structural beam and have the bolt heads filed round!). Whilst a good quality padlock may be slightly more expensive, it will last far longer than a cheap one and will prevent the loss of far more valuable equipment!

Thank you for taking the time to read this report — it is often the case that people read the advice offered and think that it does not apply to them! Please take a moment to think about your own sheds or outbuilding — what is the lock on it like? Could you prise it off with a garden spade? Look in your car — is there anything on view that a thief could easily sell for cash? Do you leave any windows open when you go out?
Don't make it easy for them to make you a victim of crime — do something about it now!
Inspector Keith Curbishley