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Lockdown Litter Picker Guerrillas strike again

18th February 2021 @ 6:06am – by Tarvin Webteam
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litter pick 1

A local Tarvin family living near the woodland have joined the small army of Lockdown Litter Guerillas and have been out and about, in the half-term break, doing their bit to keep the woodland a lovely place to walk.

In a one-hour litter pick on Townfield Lane and the two entrances to the woodland from Crossfields they collected enough to fill 2 black bin bags! Here is the result of their endeavours. It's sad to think this was even possible.

All this on the lower part of Townfield lane and the 2 crossfield entrances, in just one hour!

litter pick bags

38 Dog waste bags (Despite dog poo bins nearby).
18 drinks cans
4 plastic bottles
6 glass bottles
several NOx Canisters
Various plastic bags and plastic wrappers.

It is a shame that in so short a distance and time, so much litter was possible to collect. Much of it is a danger to small children, dogs and wildlife.
The kindness and neighbourliness of a growing number of these anonymous "Litter Guerillas" cannot go without a word of gratitude.IMG

Members of the Woodland Trust volunteer team regularly walk the woodlands main paths and bird-hide and clear litter too.

Thanks, to all of you! May your example inspire others to litter pick or better still, remind those that leave it in the first place to take it home or place it in the bins provided.

litter pick 2

Please note: the likely contents of the little bag that was found... our PCSO has requested if anyone sees (or smells) anyone taking or smoking drugs, could they please call 101 straight away

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