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26th August 2016 @ 6:06am – by Tarvin Parish Council
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gypsy site

Many people in the parish may wish to comment on the proposal that a small site fronting Tarporley Road, just south of the Telephone Exchange, might become a permanent gypsy site.

The consultation on this is not, as the Parish Council previously thought, a separate issue, but is contained in the much larger consultation on the Local Plan Part 2, a very complex document that gives precise details of land use throughout the Borough. The current period for consultation ends on September 23rd and is non-statutory, meaning that CW&C is seeking views before the final draft is completed. There will be another, formal consultation when the plan is submitted to the Government for approval.

When a large number of people hold views in common there is often a desire to group together. This remains a right which can be exercised if people wish and can be a powerful way of making views known. However the Borough Council stress that it is the volume of individual comments that makes the most impact. The Parish Council then urge that, whatever other action is taken, individuals make their views known directly to the Borough Council.

How can you do that?

By letter to:

Antoinette Sandbach M P Houses of Parliament London SW1A 0AA
Cllr Hugo Deynem, Daisy Bank, Church Road, Ashton Hayes, Chester CH3 8A
Cllr John Leather 1 Kelsborrow Way, Kelsall, CheshireCW6 0NL
Planning Policy Team, 4 Civic Way, Ellesmere Post CH65 0BE

By email to:


Via the CW&C website:

This link will take you to the Read and Comment on Document page.

The path to the comments page takes a little time to navigate but needs no special technical knowledge.
On the CW&C Home page click on the heading 'Consultations' found in the lower centre part of the page
On the next page, click on Local Plan Part 2
On the next page click Local Plan Part 2 Land Allocation and Detailed Policies
On the next page click Read and Comment on Document

There are many aspects of the plan that may interest you but if you wish only to comment on the gypsy site issues then you must drill a bit deeper.
From the left hand menu, highlighted in blue, click onto Development Management Policies
From the extra drop down options revealed, click on Social
From the extra drop down options revealed, click on Gypsy and Traveller and Travelling Showmen Accommodation
You are now in a position to read the information but before you can add your comment, you have to register as a consultee.

You are asked to comment on two questions
Question 60 asks what you think about the proposed sites
Question 61 asks you to comment on any other sites that have been suggested
Click on the Add Comment box on the right of the screen
You will be asked to either register or log in before you can make a comment whether you use the long way in or the short-cut.
Registering is straightforward and gives you a user name and password for accessing the system at any time.
An email confirmation is sent which must be opened to confirm.
You can now add your comments to the consultation. Access is time limited but there is a save draft option. It might be easier to have your comments ready before you start!

In Person:

You will also have a chance to voice your opinions at

Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting on Monday September 5th at 7.15 at the Community Centre

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