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Concerns had been raised by a resident at a previous Parish Council meeting about the state of the Millennium Garden and the suggestion had been made that the New Homes Bonus money could be allocated to the improvement of this piece of community open space.
After some discussion at this week's Council meeting it was agreed that there was limited opportunity to upgrade the Garden. The Parish Council and in particular the hard working Tarvin W. I. have improved this space considerably in recent years, but it was considered that it was used largely as a short cut into the village. Any investment (e.g. new seating or planting) ran the risk of attracting vandalism, and local residents have recently complained on a number of occasions about people causing a nuisance in the immediate area. The space is owned by the Chester and District Housing Trust and managed by the Parish Council under licence and thus any major changes would need the approval of the Trust.
However, it was agreed that the space, together with Duckers Well and the area of garden on the High Street near Well Cottages, would benefit from more regular maintenance. Such cleaning, weeding and pruning would help to keep all three areas looking better and improve the visual amenities of the village. It was agreed that quotations for such a maintenance contract be obtained and, if one was acceptable, the cost could be absorbed within the Parish Council's annual maintenance budget.

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