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Neighbourhood Plan – PC Signoff

11th December 2018 @ 6:06am – by Tarvin Parish Council
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After four years' work the PC was finally able to sign off the Neighbourhood Plan. It has been submitted to CWaC who will carry out a six-week consultation. An amended version will then be sent to an independent Planning Inspector for review. It would normally be expected that the PC would accept any comments made by the Inspector.
After that, residents in the Plan area who are on the electoral roll will be able to vote on the Plan. If a majority agree the Plan will become a legal document, which must be taken into account by CWAC when dealing with any planning matters.
The Plan plus the Basic Conditions Report and the Consultation Statement will be able to be viewed on the PC's website and on Tarvinonline.
The PC would like to thank those residents who were members of the Steering group which produced the Plan for the PC. They are Roy Brereton, Ben Dean, Jane Hough, Alison Kempski, Ted Lush, Carol Over, Joe Thompson and Robin Turney.
There were other members of the Steering Group who for various reasons had to drop out over the period and the PC is grateful to them too

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