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Residents of Oscroft will be receiving questionnaires very soon about the proposed changes to the speed limits throughout the settlement. Changes cannot take place unless more than 50% of the residents who respond agree with them.
The proposals made by the Highways Department are not arbitrary but conform to national guidelines set out by the Department of Transport. The Parish Council is aware that many Oscroft residents believe the changes do not go far enough. However they wish to stress most strongly that:

Again, this is not an arbitrary ruling by CW&C who are following the legal procedures laid down by the Department of Transport.

If you want some change in the speed limits and even if you disagree with what is proposed because you consider that the changes do not go far enough, please tick YES but add your objections and comments in the second paragraph.

If the changes are made then the residents, together with the Parish Council can monitor the effects and then, if necessary, approach CW&C again. Once some evidence has been obtained then other street measures, e.g. speed activated signs, can be suggested. A period of at least six months should elapse before this can be considered. Should the proposals be rejected then it is unlikely that the issue can be returned to in the foreseeable future.

The forms are being delivered by Councillors Matt Pochin and Mike Lloyd with some support from local residents. They will try to collect the forms by visiting as often as they can, but if necessary the forms can be returned to the addresses shown on the form. Either way forms need to be in by MONDAY 26th OCTOBER 2015
Please vote yes if you want some changes, even if you feel they do not go far enough and vote No if you do not want any change.

Ed:"click here for the last article on speeding in Oscroft"

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