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You should be aware from the News this week that the UK Passport Office has a massive backlog of applications, and the delay is such that your overseas holidays could be affected.

The Home Secretary Mrs May has admitted that there was a backlog of 30,000 applications in the system and that ministers were taking action to deal with it.

If you are waiting for a new passport or renewing your existing passport then the following advice in today's Daily Telegraph (Friday 13th) by Christopher Hope and David Barrett may be of interest:

'If you are waiting for a passport keep hammering the HMPO telephone help line. You may experience trouble getting sense out of the staff — or even getting through!

However, in yesterday's debate in the Commons it emerged that MPs can exert huge influence on behalf of their constituents.

MPs have access to a dedicated telephone help line at HMPO, so get your MP involved straightaway.'

Ed: Your MP is Stephen O'Brian and his contact details are available here

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