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John Dwyer

Parish Councillors from Tarvin and the surrounding area attended a meeting with John Dwyer, Police and Crime Commissioner at Tarvin Community Centre on Wednesday March 19th.
This was the third such meeting which are held about every 4 months and it did give those Councillors present the opportunity to raise a number of concerns and issues, which the Commissioner duly acknowledged and provided a course of action to address them.
The Crime Commissioner is "fully committed to working with partners in order to improve safety and welcomes the views of Parish and Town Councillors on these matters"

Among the issues raised were:

  • The current Chief Constable, Dave Watton has announced his retirement, and his successor Simon Byrne will be in post on the 25th June. One of his targets is to provide a PCSO or Special Policeman in every Parish or Ward, it wasn't clear which it was and no doubt we will be advised in due course. That means we may be able to look forward to seeing a "bobby on the beat" in Tarvin eventually, we are sure the Community would support and encourage such a move.
  • The Commissioner wants to arrange to hold more public meetings, he wants to be more accessible to the public, and will try to appear in Tarvin soon. We suggest that you make the effort to meet him and to discuss your concerns regarding the police and crime in our community, as he is very approachable and is willing to listen!

The Police are trialling the use of cameras when arresting suspects in an attempt to ensure that there is visual evidence to back up both the prosecuting officer and the suspect if necessary. The current trial is being carried out in Warrington, watch this space.

For more information on our Police and Crime Commissioner click here

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