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Road Safety Campaign – Mobiles

19th February 2021 @ 6:06am – by Tarvin Webteam
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The first of February marked the start of a three-week crackdown against motorists who use their mobile phone behind the wheel.

Northwest Motorway police stopped a driver on the 16th Feb as they had seen him with his mobile phone in his hand and looking down at it on the M62 heading east. What was baffling was his explanation. He stated he was travelling to provide care for his mum and knew the address, yet he stated he was using the sat nav on his phone.

On the same day, another driver was seen texting whilst an unmarked police car was alongside them, this time on the M6North. The driver had travelled in his Van from the West Midlands for a work purpose. He confirmed he had not stopped to use the phone and admitted to using it several times throughout the Journey.

It isn't just phone calls... Texting (even whilst at traffic lights), selecting songs, watching a video – Yes, this has happened)- are done on our mobile phones and they have become so intrinsic to everyday life, but a car is deadly if the driver isn't concentrating on the task in hand.

Sat nav should be set up safely and hands-free, ideally linked to the car's navigation system and providing audio instructions. For clarification on the legal use of mobile phone sat Nav, Click here.

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