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Litter bin Feb 2021 IMG20210217160018
Litter bin dog Feb 2021 IMG20210217160022

As a regular dog walker in Tarvin I am appalled at the state of the litter bins and dog litter bins in and around Tarvin.

This morning people walking down the woodland walk were putting used dog poo bags on the floor by an overfilled litter and dog litter bins!!

We take our dog litter home rather than continue to overfill the already disgusting bins.

This bin issue really needs addressing in Tarvin as the bins have not been emptied for weeks!! It can become a health issue not least the unsightly issue.

Ed: The photographs taken recently by an editor clearly display the point being made by our correspondent and hopefully, this timely comment will prompt discussion and action at the Tarvin Parish Council on 22nd February

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