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Western Rural Round-up-Week ending 13/4/2014

  • First of all, I would like to tell you that a 41 year old male from Rockferry has just been sentenced to 6 years in custody for a series of burglaries over the past couple of months in the Tarvin, Ashton and Cuddington areas. He was identified as a result of CCTV footage in the area and subsequent sharing of information between police forces. It is often several small pieces of information, which may appear insignificant at the time, that when put together, create enough evidence to identify offenders. Please continue to report any suspicious activity to the police as quickly as possible.

Ed: "That is Good News for Tarvin!"

Other News:

  • A static caravan off Church Road, Doddleston was broken into on Monday. Please get in touch if you saw anything suspicious in the area.
  • On Tuesday, local officers carried out speed enforcement work in Farndon, Eccleston and Pulford. As reported in previous newsletters, this work throughout the rural policing area concentrates on education and advice when appropriate. Our results are recorded and monitored. Where persistent problems continue, more robust action will be taken in order to keep your communities safe.
  • Last week, I reported that there had been a number of internet, email and phone fraud and attempt fraud offences committed. Microsoft has recently stated its intention to withdraw support for one of its old operating systems (XP). It appears that fraudsters are using this and other pretexts as a reason for contacting people, giving them false cause for concern, and duping them into making payments for services which never materialise.
  • One other very common scam which has been around for a while is where fraudsters phone or email, using details of a person known to the recipient, claiming financial hardship or foreign emergency and requesting funds be sent via money transfer. Please be aware of these scams and that they constantly vary in detail.
  • On Thursday evening, a resident in Rowton Bridge Road, Christleton, disturbed a male in their garage. Police were called and located the male an hour later. He was arrested for attempted burglary.
  • Earlier today (Sunday morning), a farmer near Delamere Forest reported that two dogs, which were wearing collars, had attacked and killed a young lamb. Please be aware that your family dog is naturally a hunting pack animal, and that there are many young lambs on farmland which may have been empty a week or so ago. Please keep your dog under proper control as farmers can legitimately shoot dogs which are out of control near livestock.
  • There have been a small number of reports this week about suspicious vehicles and people with torches in remote rural locations. Once the suspects realised that they have been noticed, they have invariably made off from the area. Please do not risk unnecessary confrontation and call the police as soon as possible, so that officers can investigate the suspicious behaviour thoroughly.


Inspector Keith Curbishley