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Toilet Renovations Paused

11th February 2022 @ 6:06am – by Tarvin Webteam
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At a meeting last week, the Community Centre Committee decided to take no immediate decision about the plans to renovate and refurbish the toilets. Estimates for the work had been received for between £25,000 and £30,000 but there are a number of issues for them to consider.

Vice Chair Sue Hardacre explained " While we have received few direct complaints about the toilets, we are very conscious that they reflect the 'school' vibe of the past decades rather than a standard generally expected in 2022. The two cubicles in the ladies are particularly small as anyone not built like a stick insect – or accompanying a small child – will attest! We had agreed in principle to improve them".

However, the improvements currently suggested would not increase the number of cubicles in the ladies, though there might be a bit more space to move in. Also, the foul drains run underneath the Hall floor, a situation that sometimes causes unpleasant smells in two storerooms. On one memorable occasion the drain nearly overflowed just before a panto performance!

There is also some uncertainty about what use the Council will make in the future of the now empty Professional Centre. The Committee appreciate that the Council must review the number of offices it may need in the future, and feel that waiting until some decisions about the other half of the building have been made public would be wise.

Sue said "We have also looked at a possible plan to move the toilets into the area now used by the Reception/Edna Rose Storeroom, reconfigure the main entrance and, crucially, divert the foul drainage around the building so that internal overflows should become a thing of the past. Such an improvement would cost more and need the full agreement of the Council but would give the community a modern standard of facilities that would last for many more decades to come".
If you have any views about these issues, then please do email the Committee at chairman@tarvincommunitycentre.org or talk to any Committee member.

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