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Village Quiz week 1.

Last Friday the Community Centre hall was packed with teams and supporters for the 1st week of the 34th Village Quiz. There was some reminiscing about how children used to do the scoring on a board with numbers. Richard Orfanelli now uses pen and paper! He may not use sophisticated gear but he is efficient. The question master, Stuart MacNeil, feels Richard is too slow but then he is a demanding task master! He even discards some of the hand written questions because he cannot read them! Eric Powell was the 3rd of the trio on the stage and he uses the original bell to announce when time is up. He does though have a modern system for the actual timing.

Some may suggest that the questions are also old, but the same goes for many of the teams! There are several teams who have competed every year and some teams even contain some of the same people.

The W.I. provided teas/ coffees and the Community Centre bar was in full use. The raffle did well with many happy recipients of prizes. As well as helping to find the hundreds of questions needed Kath Miles also took photographs of all the teams.
There were some very close matches and the evening had a good atmosphere.

This Fridays final contests are in a separate article with photos of the 6 winning teams. The 2 highest losers ie the Tennis Club and the Bowling Club live to fight another day.

There always has to be some losers in any quiz and this year they were:

Tennis club lost only just 24-26 to TMP

Tennis Club

Deansway lost 21-29 to TMC


WI lost 17-25 to the Flower Club

Tarvin WI

Bowling club lost narrowly 24-25 to the Parish Council

Bowling Club

Jessops were beaten 22-32 by St Andrews


Civic trust just lost 20-22 to the Crescent

Civic Trust

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