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Western Rural Round-up- Week ending 1/9/2013



Please note that the local police station numbers are not staffed 24 hours a day — there may be a delay in responding to any messages left.


  • In the evening of Sunday 25th August, a hedge was set on fire in Marsh Lane Elton. Fortunately, no one was injured and no other property caught fire. There is a clear potential for serious injury from such incidents and police would welcome any information which would help to identify the offender.
  • On Monday Morning, 26th August, a victim reported the overnight theft of a red Honda quad bike from an address in Darnhall, Near Winsford.
  • Also on Monday 26th, eggs were thrown at a number of houses in Woodlands Way, Tarporley. The youths responsible have been identified and dealt with by officers.
  • Tarporley and Tattenhall have suffered a number of burglary and attempted burglary offences this week, with houses and garages being broken into. Various items of property and cars have been stolen. Police have increased patrols in the area, but urge people to phone in any suspicious activity as soon as possible, rather than waiting for the morning. If you have any information which may assist police, please phone in — it maybe your apparently insignificant piece of information that allows us to identify an offender!
  • On Wednesday morning, a report was received about the possible attempted overnight theft of livestock (horse & cow) from a farm near Tattenhall. Locks were forced from a stable and gates, plus injury caused to the animals.
  • On Thursday 29th August, police received reports from shops in Malpas and Tarporley about 'customers' proffering large denomination notes to shop workers, requesting change, and then causing confusion to try to get the shop worker to hand over additional cash. Please be aware of this scam and ensure that all shop staff follow good cash handling practices, in order to avoid such confusion. There has also been a report of a fake £10 note being proffered. This is noteworthy, because £20 & £50 notes tend to be forged more frequently than £10 notes.
  • On Friday evening, a house was broken into in Littleton, between 7-9pm. It is not known if this offence is linked to the spate of similar offences in the Tattenhall and Tarporley areas.
  • On Saturday morning, police received a number of reports about parked vehicles having been damaged overnight in the Malpas area. Police are pursuing a line of enquiry and hope to have an offender in custody in the near future.


Inspector Keith Curbishley