Western Rural Round-up- Week ending 15/6/2014

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There have been a small number of reports over the past couple of weeks in the Frodsham area about cats being shot at with an air rifle. Police are investigating this matter seriously. On 8/6/14, two males had air rifles seized off them and were reported for carrying an air rifle in a public place.

In another animal related incident, a dog being exercised off the lead on Frodsham marshes was killed by a 'Staffie' type dog which was also off the lead. Please keep your own dog properly under control — if it were to bite someone who tried to intervene whilst trying to protect their dog, then it may be destroyed by the courts! Please be responsible.

On Thursday morning, police took two reports from the Helsby area, about works vans being broken into overnight and tools being stolen out of the back. If you have a work van and need to leave tools in it, please 'beef up' the security of your vehicle — fit additional locks and consider replacing any glass windows at the rear with solid panels, or lining the interior with wood.

On Saturday a lady had her handbag stolen from her locked car in Cuddington after leaving it on display — a thief smashed the window and took it. This offence only takes 5 seconds to commit — just nipping into a shop for a couple of minutes is more than enough time for a thief! Please DO NOT leave valuables on display.

On Friday, a resident in Kelsall disturbed two males breaking into his shed during the day. Both males were detained at the scene and have been arrested.

On Saturday, police took a number of reports about some youths throwing stones onto the A41 near Tushingham. These stones were large enough to cause cars to swerve and take avoiding action. This is clearly dangerous for the motorists, but also for the youths, as the stones were being flicked up by the cars. If you live in this area and have boys, please ask them if they were involved or know who it was.

There have been a small number of incidents again this week about door to door sales people. I am pleased to report that there has been a reduction in the number of 'duster' salesmen purporting to be on offender rehabilitation schemes. However, police have taken reports about double glazing, beds for sale and similar, being offered for sale. If you are not happy with any such caller, please contact the police straight away and try to provide as much detail as possible.

Please continue to look out for any suspicious activity on any 'new build' developments near you. Once thieves find an easy target, they tend to return to the area. By deterring them from such sites in your area, you will also help to keep offenders away from your own locality.