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Wreath Makers Supporting Save the Family

13th March 2023 @ 6:06am – by Tarvin Web team & Felicity Ponchin
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Though Christmas may be a distant memory for some, here at Tarvin Online were interested to know about a fundraising activity we came across that a group of people in Tarvin have organised for the last few Christmases and we hope that next year, it will go from strength to strength. Here is their inspiring story:

A small band of creative people started making Christmas wreaths in order to raise funds for local charity "Save the family". The wreath making has evolved over the last 4 Christmases. Aileen Muir and I have been volunteering for Save the Family since 2017/8. In 2019. We started to sell the wreaths at a Christmas market held in Chester and with a small stall alongside the sale of the Tarvin Christmas Trees.

Harrison Wright at Tarvin Christmas Trees has been a huge supporter of the wreaths and as well as selling them, he has provided much needed foliage in the form of offcuts.

In 2020, faced with covid restrictions and no market outlet, we put together some outdoor workshops for a total of 6 people in line with the regulations of the time. In 2021 the restrictions were lifted and we were able to undertake the workshops inside and with more people. Our workshops are our biggest earner. We charge £30 for friends and acquaintances to come and make their own wreaths whilst enjoying some food and drink and a good chat! It's a win win – we get to see lots of people, chat and they make their own wreaths.

In 2022, with no restrictions, we also made wreaths with the residents at the Cotton Edmonds site. It was a really rewarding morning. Wreath making is so personal and is far easier than most people imagine. All our workshop attendees are amazed at how positive the experience is. A lot of people are quite shocked at how artisitic they are and this was particularly evident with the residents at Save the Family.As well as the workshops, we have been making them to sell and to order.

The majority of the materials for the wreaths are natural and foraged. We are extremely lucky to receive a huge amount of tree offcuts and we use a lot of ivy growing in the hedgerows, as well as holly and other evergreen foliage that is available in our gardens. Friends bring berries from cotoneaster, skimmia and sorbus. Teasels, pheasant feathers and feathergrass make nice additions for a rustic look along with fir cones. Traditional creations involve dried oranges and apples. We spruce some up with baubles and bows, but these add to our costs.

Save the Family is a local charity providing accommodation for family units who are homeless due to a variety of circumstances. It gives a family respite in the form of safety, comfort, support and advice.

Our wreath making has made a growing total over the 4 years, from £800, to £2,000 and in 2022 we made £3,000. We are grateful to our generous supporters and so pleased to support Save the Family in this way.

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