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The Parish Council has agreed to register to take part in the anti-litter campaign, Clean for the Queen, on March 4th/5th/6th. The initiative has been linked to the Queen's 90th birthday which will be officially celebrated in June.

Tarvin has held a couple of very successful community clean up events in the past two years when a great deal of rubbish

Clean up 2

has been removed from around the Parish. The Parish Council hopes that this will be equally successful. Like most individuals, the Council regrets that this seems to need an annual effort, but feels that the hard work involved by local people does make a measurable difference.

The Council raised the possibility of entering the Best Kept Village competition organised by Cheshire Community Action. The amount of work necessary is more than the Council can offer alone but, should there be a sufficiently enthusiastic group of volunteers ready and willing to undertake the work, the Council will support them.

The Council has agreed to fund the application for Tarvinonline in the Best Community Website section of the same competition.

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