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Western Rural Round-up- Week ending 4/5/2014

  • There have been two reports this week of burglaries at houses which are currently under renovation. One was in Hapsford on Monday and the other in Hatton Lane, Waverton on Friday. The most vulnerable time for such properties is either when they have all the builders tools stored inside, or once all the new fixtures and fittings have been brought in but before they are fully installed. If you are renovating a property or have such a property nearby, please be extra vigilant and report any suspicious activity as soon as you witness it.
  • There have again been a number of reports about hawkers and aggressive door to door salesmen, all across the whole rural area. This activity is usually illegal, and often a front for burglars. Indeed, on Tuesday, police took a number of reports about a male in the estates near Fluin Lane, Frodsham, who was knocking door to door and also seen to be trying door handles! Please contact the police at the time if you have any such callers. Officers will check them out and deal with them as necessary.
  • On Tuesday afternoon, three vehicles parked in Rowan Park, Christleton, were broken into and handbags stolen from the front seats. If you are out shopping or picking kids up from school, ALWAYS hide, or take any valuables with you. It takes less than 5 seconds to smash a car window, grab a handbag and run off! Don’t make it easy for them.
  • On Thursday evening, a number of wheelie bins were interfered with or set on fire in Great Barrow. Such fires have potential to spread to nearby houses and cause further damage. If you have any information to assist police in identifying the person responsible, please call the police.
  • There have been a number of reports about suspicious activity during the week in Kinnerton and Pulford. Chalk marks have been found outside particular properties and mail has also been interfered with. In one incident, a male of North African appearance was seen tampering with the post box attached to the gate post of an address in Pulford. Enquiries show that a number of applications for credit cards etc, have been made in the occupants name, without their permission. Such post boxes are often insecure or easy to break into, making the householder vulnerable to identity theft. If you must have such a post box rather than having mail posted through your front door, then please make sure that it cannot be pulled off the wall, mail cannot be fished out or the lock picked/forced. Some insurance companies will refuse to cover any losses if inadequate post boxes are a contributory factor!
  • There have been a number of arrests again this week for drink driving! Local officers are continuing to increase the visibility of their road safety work across the area. As well as giving officers the opportunity of dealing with offences discovered at the time, the raised visible activity on the roads will help to deter those who may consider risking driving after a drink. Please phone the police providing as much detail as possible if you see someone who you genuinely believe to be a drink driver.


Inspector Keith Curbishley