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Highways Dept joins the list!

9th October 2014 @ 6:06am – by Editor Tarvin Webteam
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Everybody could write down their list of jobs that irritate them. By this I mean jobs that people do, not the job-list of things to do at home (or work). Like many I expect, the Tax man, Traffic wardens, town planners and traffic police are high up there on my list.

So what do these jobs have in common?
Well they all follow rules in detail and sometimes interpret guidelines as rules. Listening to their "customers" seldom happens and common sense can be in short supply. Does cold weather and rapidly darkening evenings bring on the "Grumpy syndrome " I ask myself?

A new candidate for the list
I now want to add the CWaC Highways Dept. to the list! Every Parish Council meeting I attend the issue of traffic problems around our Parish seems to come up and in the Public forum new complaints are lobbed in at regular intervals.

The good news?
Well the extension of the 40mph limit on Tarporley Rd to the A51 junction should go ahead after some public consultation. Also the speeding problems in Oscroft are now receiving serious attention. So well done Tarvin PC for these likely successes.

Remaining Concerns?

a51a junction

The layout of the turnoff to Tarvin from Tarporley on the A51 continues to fly in the face of commonsense according to anybody who has tried it in busy traffic. This is not Highways view it seems but no explanation of their latest decision to reject any alterations is forthcoming.


Getting over the A54 from the northern pavement to the Coop without the safety of any traffic lights on a new pedestrian crossing. Whoever thinks the hatched area is a "safe zone" to attempt a 2-part crossing is not a pram pusher or dog walker!


Our seeming inability to prevent large vehicles and especially farm vehicles taking on the challenge of working their way up the chicane caused by parked cars in the High Street


No barrier on the Woodland walk side of the A51 Tarvin bypass at the end of Hockenhull Lane to reduce the risk of children and animals running out onto the road. This is so close to a bend as to reduce visibility of cars & motorbikes accelerating as they see a long straight ahead.

So what can we do?
As ever continue to make your views known to Tarvin PC, your Borough Councillors and CWaC Highways dept. As well as turning up to Parish Council meetings to voice your concerns and pushing for action and progress ( or lack of it) reports – send emails.
Lets do it and get some common sense changes before we have a serious incident to report

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