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One of the first articles on Tarvinonline at our launch last year was the prospect for Superfast Broadband to be available in Tarvin. This new service being rolled out by BT in conjunction with Connecting Cheshire is still on track to provide high speed fibre broadband by this summer.
This is a "must-have" upgrade available on subscription from your usual provider when installed.
If for some reason this has passed you by or you are a new resident in Tarvin here are all the articles published so far with the latest being top of the list:
As new articles appear they will be added to the top of the list.
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15/11/14 Superfast broadband update
27/07/14 Fibre Broadband Update
18/07/14 Fibre Arrives its Official
14/07/14 Switch on Event
07/07/14 Never Give Up
03/07/14 Another Update
27/06/14 Fibre Broadband is here
17/06/14 On-Tap article
21/05/14 Latest Newsletter
27/04/14 Work to clear blockages
25/04/14 Newsletter update
12/03/14 Installation of Fibre-optic cable
06/03/14 Newsletter update
02/02/14 Installation of new cabinets
28/01/14 Work starts on installation
30/12/13 Public Briefing event
10/12/13 Confirmation of the roll out
22/11/13 Work starts on existing cabinets
13/11/13 Map published of roll out
23/09/13 Newsletter update
06/06/13 Launch by Connecting Cheshire

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